It is extremely valuable for researchers to engage people directly in their studies. Some reasons they may do this include: to ask you for more health information to enrich the data they have access to and to ask you to participate in a clinical trial (which may entail more frequent doctor's visits and specific testing requirements).

In Settings, you may elect to receive invitations from researchers or LunaDNA partners. The invitation process enables anonymized contact between you and the third parties - that is, you will know who they are, but they don't have any of your personal information and have chosen to extend an invitation based on interest in aspects of your de-identified data. 

Once you receive an invitation you can approve and then initiate direct contact with them. If you initiate direct contact with them, they will have access to some of your personal information and through any activities (i.e. clinical trial participation) you engage in with them, you may choose to share additional personal information and/or some or all of your data with them directly.

You can change your selection in Settings at any time.